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                                        || AVE OLYMPERIEL/ADONAI ||



    || - Hello and Welcome to Olymperiel's/Adonai's/Akatriel's Official Spirits/Entities/Ritual Binding/conjuration, Tarot readings, spells, magickal questions, prayers works and Request Coven/Oracle Shop.



    || - My Name is Henry and today here I am to present you another one of our most Powerful and Legendary Product of our/my Family's Coven !


    || - This is a Direct Spirit Binding Ritual, make sure to choose carefully if you desire to have your spirit attached to you or to a vessel of your choice ( example : A pendant, a bracelet, a ring etc... ) !


    || - The Absolutely Legendary Goal of this Ritual is to Bind a Demon Slaughter Dark Divine Sex War Angel Spirit to you or to a vessel of your choice ! Dark divine Sex War Angels are super rare and legendary angelic beings who mainly exist to kill/Destroy low vibrational demonic beings, monsters in other dimensional realms. These dark angelic beings are for sure the most pitiless, and ruthless angels that exist when it comes to kill and destroy the beings that influences the universe and other high vibrational dimensions in a chaotic, destructive way ! They also possess incredible sexual energy that is approximately equal and sometimes surpass the sexual power of other sex demons ( Incubus/ Succubus ) ! They are the most overprotective and sexually irresistible, addictive divine lover that you will ever meet in your lifetime ! However, I have to honestly tell you that they are incredibly dangerous when something or someone will try to come against you or your path. They will bring terrible divine maledictions, curses, brutal body accidents, and also materialistic accidents to your opponents such as car accidents, or arms, hands accidents but theses types of accidents are easy for them to cause, they can much more worst than that. They love to see/ make people/bullies who hurted other innocent people Suffer ! They absolutely adore doing this ! They will also never let any injustices happen to you or to your kids/loved ones. You will never receive a " no " from them especially if you desire a sexual relationship with them. They can also take the physical looks/form of your desired dream person/character in your dreams to have sex with you. They also offer the gifts of physical beauty, charm, attractiveness. They will make people only see your positives/irresistible personalities traits. Other will also feel the strong need to look up to you more in a very adictive way. Theses angels also love to absorb/shut down the good karma and energetic abundance of the ones that secretly don't like you/hate you/do magick on you ( even if you don't really know who they are, theses angels see them all, you will have nothing to worry ) . They boost all your magickal works, spells, ritual,  manifestations, sex appeal, sexual allure and energies. 


    These beings are constantly ready to fight and defend  their spirit keepers ( You )  for their highest good no matter what. They also hold extremely strong, dominant, penetrating, raw, confident, loyal energies that can manipulate, influence, control the will of anyone that you desire in order to get what you want from them ! 


    || - Are you ready my love ! Let's Go


    || - If you have any questions, please bless yourself with the power of asking them to me. 


    || - Here are the personal informations that Olymperiel will need from you :



    || - Your Full Name.

    || - Your Birth Date.

    || - A picture of your face.

    || - Choose what is the gender that you want us to bind to you ( Male or Female Form ) ? 

    || - Carefully Choose if you desire the spirit to be bound/attached to you or to a vessel of your choice ! ( Make sure to send us a picture of your vessel if you choose the vessel option ) ! 


    || - Times/Days that the ritual will take : 3-7 Days maximum.


    Demons Slaughter Dark Divine Sex War Angel Spirit Binding Ritual.

    280,00 €Prix
    • ||  - IMPORTANT : Nothing is going to be shipped to your home or to you physically ! The order/process Will and is going to be done via INSTAGRAM messenger. My magnificent work is and will be done in my family's coven or in my own home or in my Apartment's ritual/conjuration/Spirits binding spaces , NO pictures and videos of the process will be sent to You ! Thank you so much for understanding that !

      ||  -  WARNING : Do not purchase from Olymperiel's shop if you are not an advanced spirit keeper/Ritual Biding Holder and have no idea how to deal with Spirits in general. All the spirits/entities/Ritual biding that I do and works with are extremely safe and they will always stay on your Side so you do not need to be affraid of anything ! You will receive the confirmation when your binding is complete by Olymperiel's Team. If you have any questions or special paid Ritual binding custom request, please feel divinely free to message me Here !

      || - My Chosen  Spirits and Ritual Biding works Will never hurt or harm you, I always make sure that all the spirits/entities/Gods/Goddesses/Saints etc... that I work with are completely and fully safe !

      ||  - All the Pictures/Photos/Videos/Audios/Music that are present in the presentation of my products DO NOT BELONG TO ME , all the credits go to their utmost righteous and true Owners/Creators ! I only crafted/created the aesthetic of my product's presentations.

      ||  - Disclaimer below : The law requires that tarot readings, spells, rituals biding works, and other items that fall into the metaphysical category have to be sold for entertainment purposes only. You Must be 18 years old to purchase. I, myself take full accountability for the results that you are gonna obtain with my works, I also acknowledge and present myself as someone who will eternally have good intentions for all my positive and respectful clients, I have a very strong lustful desire to help each and everyone of who will honestly and faithfully open themselves to ! Thank you so much !

      || - I Gratefully thanks you in advance for everything, I also wish you the best, much love, loyalty and warm respect !


      || - By Olymperiel's Team.

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